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DVD Copy software : Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy
Copy DVD to CD : Copy your DVD movie with CD-R/RW.

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Surpisingly easy! Having tried so many other DVD copy software/packages, this one is the idealest. No need to look for others.

Backup HD DVD and blu-ray discs

With the Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper,you can enjoy full Blu-Ray/HD DVD quality on your monitor even if you don't have a HDCP video card or HD monitor. When a movie is decrypted, the media player(PowerDVD or WinDVD) will "accept" to play it on your PC even you don't have HDCP.
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DUP-DVD's Comments

It does what it promise...
I have the complete program I paid for it and yes it does really do what it says - one click and your done.

Surpisingly easy!
Having tried so many other DVD copy software/packages, this one is the idealest. No need to look for others.

Best you could possibly get!!
As a programmer myself, a program really doesn't need to be fancy looking as long as it's a useful tool. This is the most sensible program I have ever seen for DVD dupping. All other are craps. Get this if you enjoy movies.

Excellent Audio And Video Quality
I only have a Petium III 600MHZ and 20 gig hard drive win98se, ATI Fury rage video card, I also only need 4 hours to burn a 2 hours DVD movies. Isn't that great? In additon, those 2 vcds not only can be played on any computer with windows media player from win98 SE and Power DVD player, but also play on the economical DVD player(only cost CAD$139.00). This is the software I'm really appreciated!

Very easy to use
It's very easy to setup and use. The quality of the film is GREAT. A two hours DVD takes about 4Hrs to backup on a Pentium 2GHz.

Excellent Program
I set up a spare Pentium III machine to burn overnight for 4 hours to backup DVD. It works perfectly on every PC, Laptop with Any burner and DVD rom, then it can be played back on any recent DVD or VCD player. Excellent Job, Good Asian programmer, keep up your good job, thanks.

It worked excellent in Windows XP
I bought DUP-DVD couple months ago, I was totally satisfied this software by using windows 98se. I tried on XP it worked excellent and even much faster. In additon, when I re-installed this software onto a new hardrive using different OS, this Dup-Dvd company gladly and promptly provide me a new keycode without problem. :-) again, this company and its software is highly recommended to people in the world.

Fantastic Product!
Downloaded the trial version, which did state it would only copy a quarter of a movie (how anyone can complain about this!). Decided to purchase the full version..and that is the best decision I could have made. What a brilliant program this really is. NO problem with downloads, NO problem with registering and NO problem with using. I will FULLY recommend this program to everybody,as it makes backing up your dvd's childsplay!!

Easy to use with quality output.
I bought it to convert a pal movie to ntsc. It worked great with no learning curve. My pentium3 800mhz pc takes about 16 hours to render a copy. Slow but the excellent quality was worth my wait.


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